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Accel Net offers super-reliable and lightning-fast commercial internet. Our customer service has kept clients in the Puget Sound moving at the speed of business since 1998. Our in-house technical staff manages every aspect of the installation and service. This ensures that Accel Net can respond to issues with unsurpassed agility and responsiveness. Our service offerings are detailed below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


We offer Fiber/Ethernet over the air solution providing Tier 1 Internet to commercial clients. Our quality, attention to detail and stellar service provide the best internet experience available in today’s market. We focus on client relationships, engineering the right services for your business needs and service after implementation. We invite you to explore the services list below to understand the variety of solutions that Accel Net offers.

    Internet Delivered Via EOW

    We deliver ethernet over wireless (EOW) – a true alternative to ethernet and fiberline. Accel Net owns and controls every aspect of our network, but leverages relationships with multiple providers to route traffic in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Our internet is not dependent on a sole provider, so our customers benefit from lightning-fast delivery of information and reliability based on redundancy.

    Private Point-to-Point Metro WAN/LAN Links

    Do you have 2, 3, 4 or more offices or warehouses? Are you paying for data and voice services to each one? If so, then you are spending too much every month and receiving too little. We can help you interconnect your network at lightning speeds with the best technology for less money. In today’s society, businesses need a trusted partner that can move fast and provide quality products. We provide the lowest latency, fastest speeds, fastest turn up and the best cost.

    We back all our connections with a 99.999% SLA and most connections qualify for a 90 day guarantee.

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    100% Diverse Redundant or Backup Connectivity
    Simple native Ethernet hand off makes it easy to configure for failover, load-balancing, and BGP. If you are concerned about your current landline services failing due to a wayward backhoe, earthquake or any other natural disaster then, the only solution for you is a microwave link. The only solution for you is Accel Net. Contact us today and rest easier tomorrow.

    Month-to-Month or Temporary Internet Connectivity

    Ideal solution for high-speed Internet at construction job sites, conferences, landline outage, temporary office space etc. We can provide service in an emergency situation in less than 8 hours from contract signature; we are the only service provider that can perform this quickly.

    Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

    There is no denying the fact that unless your building was built in the last ten years, the internal infrastructure is probably not set up to handle the load today’s applications require. This is where we differ; we bring in new wiring for every connection to insure the best possible performance to everyone served.

    Building management teams look to us to outfit their building with faster service so they can attract tenants and keep the ones they have. We provide custom solutions for multi-tenant buildings. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and our microwave services are the most cost effective and flexible solution on today’s market.

    We provide free service for your management office when you bring in an Accel Net solution to your building.

    Voice Over IP

    Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a popular choice for businesses who wish to have the latest voice technology. VOIP is a perfect alternative to landline-based phone applications. Whether you need one line or 100, we have a solution that fits your application. We partner with VOIP providers that will cater to your needs.

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